Nuclear options worth consideration

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November 13, 2012 01:00 AM

It's time to rethink B.C.'s energy policy.Excluding nuclear energy as one of the potential solutions for our future energy needs is shortsighted.

The province of Ontario made the difficult decision to expand its existing nuclear power generation. Now its Crown corporation, Ontario Power Generation, is benefiting both Ontario power consumers and the environment.

As well, Ontario has legislated an end to coal-fired electrical production by 2014 while balancing a mix of natural gas (thermal), renewables and nuclear in its power-generating assets.Not surprisingly, along with other initiatives since 1990, Canada's manufacturing heartland was the only province to reach Kyoto emission-reduction targets.

When the government of British Columbia asked B.C. Hydro and its new chairman, Stephen Bellringer, to take another nine months to come up with a plan to meet B.C.'s future electrical power needs, we are indeed fortunate. Let's make sure all practical options are considered.

If we are to have a smart economy that makes the best use of our resources with the lowest impact on the environment and cost to the consumer, we need diversification.With the current energy policy, we leave Mr. Bellringer with little option than to negotiate a future price for natural gas. We need not limit our options only to natural gas and renewables.

Don't be fooled, natural gas is subject to market pricing and when used to generate electrical power, it is still a fossil fuel.Let's consider future generations while looking to a smart economy powered by abundant energy from uranium and thorium in reliable and safe technologies like CANDU reactors.



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