Parking causes painful RIH visit

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November 23, 2012 01:00 AM

I am writing this letter to make people aware of the parking situation (gouging) at Royal Inland Hospital.

I am from out of town and was at the hospital because my husband needed an MRI. I paid for parking, put my ticket on the dash of the truck and proceeded into the hospital.

Imagine my shock when we came out and found a $57 ticket on the windshield. They said our truck was not high enough to be in that parking lot.

We do not fit under the signs for the upper and lower parking lots as it scrapes the top of the truck, so we parked in the upper open lot (we do have a lift kit in the truck).

We were not at the hospital because we were shopping!

Forget about phoning Imperial Parking, because they will find a reason you should pay the ticket! People should be aware that you will be paying for a lot more than your gas if you park in the wrong spot at the hospital.

Where are the signs to tell us about height restrictions?


Lac La Hache

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