Police agent later became babysitter, court hears

'He liked $400 jeans, sunglasses - that kind of stuff'

Cam Fortems / Kamloops Daily News
March 6, 2013 01:00 AM

The lifelong criminal who signed on to become an RCMP agent was given $1,000 a week and promised $50,000 in order to conspire with three Cranbrook men to kill a drug rival, a police handler testified Tuesday.

But Const. Kyle Weatherhead said Garry Shank's employment last year, after the investigation was complete, involved babysitting his girlfriend's child.

Weatherhead testified Wednesday in the trial of Lonnie Adams, Lorne Carry and Colin Correia, who are charged with conspiracy to commit murder. The trial is scheduled to last through April.

Weatherhead was one of a number of RCMP who acted as "handlers" to Shank as he worked with police on scenarios involving the three men while wearing a recording device.

Under cross-examination, Weatherhead acknowledged Shank was paid $1,000 a week by police. RCMP also picked up some of his living expenses. Defence lawyer Jim Heller asked the Mountie where Shank spent his money.

"He liked $400 jeans, sunglasses - that kind of stuff," Weatherhead said.

Some of the money Shank was promised for signing on to become a police agent is to be paid following the trial.

Weatherhead said Shank was living in Winnipeg last year awaiting the trial. He acknowledged Shank is "institutionalized" from his years in jail, has no work skills and has never held a job.

While in Winnipeg, initially Shank was taking care of his girlfriend's child for a living, the constable testified.

But in January last year Shank assaulted her, along with two police officers, after the couple had a fight. Weatherhead said he traveled to Winnipeg after Shank was released on bail, providing him with about $2,000 to find housing because he had no work skills to make his own living.

At one point during the investigation, Weatherhead said Shank threatened to quit, telling the officer, "When this is all said and done I was planning on killing myself anyway."

Shank testified for nearly three weeks.

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