Police pump fear of grow ops

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January 22, 2013 01:00 AM

Regarding Grow op Offers Possibility Of Risks To Kids (The Daily News, Jan. 14). While you did state the government's position, you failed to get the point this couple is trying to make.

They are doing nothing wrong or illegal and they passed all the requirements that the ministry worker set for them. That means that everything they did was to code and the air in the home had no mould spores but was three times cleaner then outside the house.

The family is pushing for justice and precedence over this, not because they value their children behind marijuana, it's because of the ministry worker's Orwellian approach to her job has made them occur unneeded expense and worry.

Marijuana is legal to use as medicine and to grow if the proper paperwork is done and checks made. These people passed all the requirements and legally started growing. The wiring you speak of is most times simply plugging in a light or adding a couple breakers and plug-ins. This man worked as a contractor and knew what he was doing, clearly, as everything passed inspection.

Now that it's legal for some you can get a ticketed person to do the work. The point of all this is that if that worker was educated and informed she wouldn't have made the calls she did.

I've been in many older homes that pose more risk to children then having a grow op. From your standpoint, everyone should have new houses to avoid any risks to children.

The problem they are fighting is exactly what you are doing. Ill-informed (opinions) and making decisions based on half-truths. Most of your questions could have been answered had you read the whole story instead of some parts or just the letters to the editor.

The police for years have been pumping fear of grow ops into the media so they can maintain a healthy budget to fight against them. In truth, you have probably been around more grows than you know of and didn't even notice.

Sure, fires have been started by grow ops. Things like digital ballasts have all but eliminated the biggest risk of fires. Welders, toasters, cigarettes and Christmas tree lights also cause fires.

People need to move past the "reefer madness" train of thought and understand that marijuana is going to be legal in a few years. The medicinal value is large. Countries like Israel have spent more than 25 years looking into the plant and now make it available for most any health issue.

The point is this couple is fighting the violation of their rights, and for better training or education for workers that can make calls that tear families apart. These people followed all the rules and were doing something they had the right to do and were doing it safely. The power-hungry worker with no knowledge on the subject or the City's bylaws was at fault - not this couple.



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