RCMP should police headlights

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January 16, 2013 01:00 AM

Do those who had driver's licences back in the '70s and '80s remember what would happen if you were driving at night with your fog lights on and there was no fog? I do! The RCMP would pull you over and give you a ticket for excessive lighting!

But now you can drive down the road with your fog lights on. Yes, I mean the white lights in your bumper - those are fog lights - not running lights.

And if you think they aren't, just turn on your high beams and take a look at your fog lights. They go out. This is so when you're on a foggy highway you only need to work one switch between foggy spots and just dark spots, because high beams cancel out fog lights in the fog.

Fog lights send a beam out to the sides and down under the fog this is how they work. So if it's not foggy, please turn off your fog lights, and check your low beams to see if they are adjusted so they are not shining into oncoming traffic.

Many people, myself included, work night shifts and have extremely light sensitive eyes and don't want our night vision ruined, thank you.

And for all you lazy RCMP officers out there - I was driving into town one night with one of you following me all the way down Westsyde road until the intersection at Westsyde Road and Eighth Street, when another truck in the oncoming traffic lights up the inside of my truck.

And that cop could see that I don't have my seatbelt on. But instead of going after the guy with his fog lights on, the cop pulls me over and gives me a $160 fine for no seatbelt.

I ask you, does that seem right? I'm only putting myself at risk, and people driving with their fog lights and high beams on put everyone at risk but themselves.

This is not right! I would like to see the RCMP write tickets for excessive lights at their roadside checks this year. Their jobs are public safety. Me not wearing my seatbelt does not affect other drivers' safety on the road.

I don't care if someone gets killed for not wearing their seatbelt, that's their choice!

But someone blinding me or someone else who could be turning toward me, this I do care about because they are putting me at risk.

With their fog lights! Let's make it safe out there for every one. Turn off your fog lights when it's not foggy.



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