Real people need real jobs

Kamloops Daily News
January 12, 2012 01:00 AM

I have read with much interest about the Ajax project, having lived in Kamloops for over 42 years. I have friends on both sides of the coin on this one. People seem to forget that every day big trucks roll through our city with everything from A to Z on them. The trains roll right through the core of downtown with A to Z on them.

I've always heard people say it's too expensive to live here. My same friends are now complaining about their assessment tax.

Everything in your house came out of the ground. If you don't want heavy industry here then who is going to pay for it all? That only leaves me and you, so watch what you ask for or you might find yourself trying to find a new town to complain about.

It takes real jobs to pay for things we all enjoy, not $11-an-hour jobs.



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