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December 31, 2012 01:00 AM

The year end is the time when we look back at what we did right, where there was room for improvement and how it can guide us in the year ahead.

Experts suggest we should strive for better health and stress management by exercising more, eating well and remembering to take downtime with those we love. These are laudable goals but we'd like to take it a step further by setting out some Kamloops-specific resolutions.

As a community, we did so much right in 2012 that a lot of our suggestions are merely continuing to fertilize the roots of established plantings.

We want to see more firsts, like the aboriginal sentencing circle held here in September and the Pride Parade at TRU in April promoting acceptance and diversity.

We're keen on continuing to be a place known for people helping others. Locals unfailingly rally around fire victims with donations, volunteer with charities, shovel snow from seniors' driveways and give a boost to people who need a little extra support now and then. Last week, for example, people pitched in to help a man trying to earn enough money to visit his family in Merritt at Christmas.

We desire to attract and encourage more creative people like Mike Miltimore, who developed a way to use a computer-controlled laser to quickly build top-notch guitars. We also draw inspiring people here like Olympians Dylan Armstrong, Justin Rodhe, Catherine Pendrall, Sultana Frizell and Kibwe Johnson.

But there is always room for improvement.

We hope 2013 brings a new awareness of pedestrians by drivers and of cars by those on foot with the goal of marking no pedestrian fatalities and fewer accidents than we saw in 2012.

With the provincial election coming up in May, we'd like to see people pay attention to what goes on politically and then make their votes count by casting a ballot. Don't let your neighbour decide our province's future.

And let's strive for more building community, getting fit and thinking green by taking part in The Daily News Boogie in April, and leaving the car in the garage sometimes in favour of walking or riding a bike to work.

We're sure you have a few ideas of your own, which we're keen to hear about and publish on our letters page.

Happy New Year to all our readers!

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