Retiring MLA should not be allowed to share views

Kamloops Daily News
February 2, 2013 01:00 AM

I see that The Daily News continues to enable soon-to-be departed Liberal MLA Kevin Krueger to continue to bully anyone who challenges his narrowly blinkered view of the world.

Mr. Krueger is well known for his rude and abrasive behaviour both in and outside of the legislature. He attacked B.C.'s judges after they voiced concern about court workloads.

He demeaned hospital workers after his Liberal government tore up their legally negotiated contracts and he heaped scorn on women's groups who displeased him. Now it is the "gall" - to use his word - of the major universities in B.C. including TRU that sparks Krueger's bilious outrage.

When university spokespersons recently called for more investment in advanced education, Mr. Krueger characterized them as "fat cats." This has to be the pot-and-kettle statement of the year.

Mr. Krueger's base annual salary of almost $102,000 is supplemented by substantial living, meals, office, travel, and separation allowances. Additionally, according to a March 2012 article in this newspaper, Mr. Krueger will be entitled to an annual pension of nearly $90,000 at age 65, a lifetime pension that could be worth $1.5 million. This is no emaciated tabby venting his spleen!

Instead of continuing to provide him with his bully pulpit, why not give a voice to those who are actually seeking election in Kamloops South Thompson.

Let's hear from Tom Friedman of the NDP, from Peter Sharp of the Conservatives and Todd Stone, Mr. Krueger's Liberal party colleague. What is their vision for post-secondary education in this province?

It is their views that are important now, not those of a foghorn from the past.



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