Road rage incident leads to regrets and restitution

'I apologize for my behaviour that day'

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January 4, 2014 01:00 AM

Road rage comes up too often at the Kamloops Law Courts, a provincial court judge said while issuing a six-month peace bond and restitution order to a Kamloops man on Friday.

Jonathon Stewart got into a fight with Dennis Buster last summer in the parking lot of the North Shore Canadian Tire. There was a driving incident that gave rise to the conflict and both men got out of their vehicles, arguing over who was at fault, said Crown counsel Joel Gold.

The account of a witness pinned the blame on Stewart as the more aggressive of the two. Stewart was pushing against a vehicle window, which broke and injured Buster's hand. By the time police arrived, Stewart was offering to pay restitution for the damage.

"Obviously it's this issue in the community called road rage and the confrontation that can lead to with respect to vehicle operation," Gold said.

"I apologize for my behaviour that day," Stewart said. "I realize it was wrong."

He's undergone several counselling programs since the incident and showed remorse, mitigating factors in his sentencing.

"It shows that you have insight into the fact that you lost it when you shouldn't have," said Judge Stella Frame.

"We get an awful lot of road rage here," she said. "Perhaps one day we'll have to take an amount of anger management to get a driver's licence."

Under the terms of the peace bond, Stewart has to pay a $500 recognizance, which will be forfeited if he breaches his conditions. Those conditions include paying $90 restitution, having no contact with Buster and obtaining additional counselling if directed to do so. He will have no criminal record, though.

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