Scales needed on Highway 5A

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February 20, 2013 01:00 AM

With all the news about Highway 5A, I feel compelledto ask the government what kind of catastrophic accidenthas to occur on Highway 5A before prompt changes are made?

I rarely agree with Kevin Krueger, but on this issue he is absolutely correct. I would suggest that his background at ICBC gives him credibility. What drives me to distraction is that, with a swipe of a pen and pats on their backs, the government can make changes to laws that greatly affect all of us,many without public input.

Yet, on this issue it does nothing. This government gets a failing grade for road safety in our province.

I understandthe truckers and ownersare concerned, but we live in a society that one bad apple spoils it for everyone else and frankly there are a lot of bad apples out there. This is true of manytrucks and cars out on our roads, but here is the responsibility of the government.

The We Say opinion in The Daily News (Speed Limit Reduction Seems Sound, Feb. 16) and TRU instructor Ray Trenholm agree that lowering the speed limit would make a difference.

With all due respect I could not disagree more. I appreciate Mr. Trenholm has been in the businessfor more than 30 years, but times have changed and so has the industry, and let's be honest he is working with people that are paying to learn a skill, it is not required and that is the problem. Driver inexperience and substandard equipment from companies that put profit before the safety of the public as well astheir own drivers is more common.

My father drove truck for Van Kam Freightways in the 1950's through the 1970's and it is a very different industry now.

It used to be you only had to watch for deer on that road, now its trucks. What about trucks not being allowed to travel a highway if they cannot do the speed limit?

When you are heading south from Knutsford on that very steep downgrade semis travel 10 km/h, when they get to the bottom they pick up speed to make up for the time.Last summertwo trucks in one week lost their load of crushed cars; this happened right by the Roche Lake turn.

Why is there no brake check heading south to Merritt from Knutsford? Too many times on this highway we see insecure loads and speeding and weaving into both lanes, especially in the straight stretches where time is made up.

The speed limit could be reduced but what good is that if it is not enforced? This road is well travelled in the spring and summer months with motorcycles, bikes, and tourists. If the speed limit is lowered for trucks, willpassing be the new problem, with more lives lost in the process?

How is it, that it is common knowledge that a lot of trucks take this route to avoid the scales, yet thegovernment doesn't know it? Kevin Krueger, you have hadyears to put scales on that highway and it's not been done. Why?



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