Setting the record straight on prohibited weapons

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February 2, 2013 01:00 AM

In regard to the category Prohibited guns in Canada, I am reading as of late in the KDN that claimed assault type weapons e.g. semi and fully automatic fire are asked to be prohibited in Canada. Just to set the record straight on the Prohibited weapons class in Canada, I would like to point out that the category Prohibited guns are perfectly legal to own. This includes the semi-automatic fire, fully automatic fire and converted automatic fire or less than 4.13 inch (105mm) barrel length pistol.

You can refer to this website link for all the legal details and requirements.

Any person whom had ownership of a semi or fully automatic fire or a converted automatic fire and/or a shorter than 4.13 inch barrelled pistol on December 1, 1998 can legally own these weapons. This is a very stringent requirement but it is held by many in Canada. These shooting enthusiasts or collectors can only buy and sell these weapons between other PAL owners that also possess these equal qualifications, in which they have been grandfathered.

Again this includes the semi-automatic fire, fully automatic fire and converted automatic fire. I hope this sets the record straight for those in Canada, that were thinking that if you get a certain class of weapon prohibited that this will not necessarily prevent a qualified Prohibited class of gun owner from either buying, selling and/or possessing them.

And btw - why should it? As these Prohibited class weapons owners are long time qualified, registered and responsible gun owners. In other words, they play by all the rules.



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