She helped stranger find cocaine and got stung

'He was very flattering to her'

Cam Fortems / Kamloops Daily News
February 25, 2013 01:00 AM

A Lillooet woman smitten by a handsome stranger thought she was doing him a favour by finding him $50 worth of cocaine.

But the stranger in town was really an undercover Mountie, part of an operation targeting the Hotel Victoria in an effort to crack down on cocaine trafficking.

Carmen Ned, 46, pleaded guilty Monday in B.C. Supreme Court to trafficking in a controlled substance.

Crown prosecutor Anthony Varesi said the undercover operation in November 2010 was aimed at a drug ring operating out of the Lillooet pub.

The undercover operator chatted with Ned and another woman, playing pool and socializing. Two hours later he asked Ned if she could get him cocaine.

"She said she didn't have any on her but she knew people in town," Varesi said.

Ned returned later with 0.4 grams of cocaine, worth $50, and sold it to the undercover RCMP member.

Defence lawyer Ken Sommerfeld said the "handsome" stranger in town pestered Ned "with continuous requests" by texting her to ensure she would get the cocaine after she left the bar.

Sommerfeld said his client, an Indian band staff member in the housing department, doesn't use cocaine and was only trying to help out the stranger.

"He was very flattering to her," he said.

B.C. Supreme Court justice Joel Gold agreed with a joint submission from Crown and defence for a six-month conditional sentence served in the community.

During the six-month term, Ned will be subject to a ban on alcohol and drugs and must abide by an evening curfew.

Sommerfeld said Ned will be hurt by the conviction because she is unlikely to be able to continue making regular trips to the United States.

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