Shut down grow op to keep children

Kamloops Daily News
January 3, 2013 01:00 AM

This is in response to The Daily News' editorial, Government Oversteps in Grow-Op Case (Dec. 19).

Honestly, wouldn't it be an easy manoeuvre for this family to just close up the home-grown marijuana operation in order to, for sure, keep their children? Really?

After all, keeping the children should be this couple's primary concern. This family still has two available legal options that are perfectly accessible.

They can still purchase medical marijuana legally from another home-grown outlet (without children) and/or consider the other legal option, which is they can get marijuana prescribed.

In the end, they can keep their children, which should of course be their primary concern, plus they can still have legal access to some medical marijuana.

Also, this may have been a God-sent message to this family to begin considering the alternatives, as the federal government is making a move to ban all medical home grown operations very shortly.

New medical marijuana will only be granted to businesses that guarantee costly security measures are in place.

These conditions will become legally required.



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