Some can't afford the 15 per cent tipping norm

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December 3, 2012 01:00 AM

In response to JD Gregory's plea (Folks, Tip Your Servers, Please, The Daily News, Nov. 27). Where do I begin?

Let's start from the ending and work backwards. You suggest "everyone will win in the end" if you get your tips, saving you from going to the welfare office, then the rest of us will "win." Nice try.

What I take offence to, of all your comments, is this: "If you can't afford to tip you really shouldn't be going out to eat." Pardon me? With that attitude, I respond: If you're not happy with your income and position, then you should seek out a manager or CEO position.

Failing that, you should stay at home.

Furthermore, thank you for sharing the frustrating position of having "to tip the kitchen staff and the bartender." Not happy? This seems an issue of discretionary income not going to every employee's hopeful pocket.

It's understandable - people cut back where they can. To suggest that they "shouldn't be going out" is eliminating the very population on your same (supposed) low income. (Or, forgive me, maybe your complaint is aided at people who can afford to eat out, but are cheap? Frustrated that they don't comply with exorbitant restaurant prices? That they won't comply with 15 per cent?)

If your company can't help but offer you "less than minimum wage," take that up with them. Please do not ask people who can barely afford an outing to a restaurant once in a while to forgo the pleasurable experience due to not coming up with the "norm" of 15 per cent.

Wake up. Maybe there is a new norm on the horizon.



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