Some of us still use mail system

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December 30, 2013 01:00 AM

A response to Lenard Segnitz's letter to the editor, Canada's Postal Service Obsolete, The Daily News, Dec. 16.

I am involved in several seniors' programs and volunteer for at least three of them and there are a lot of "dinosaurs" like me, who are not online.

We are not addicted to an electronic device, as Mr. Segntiz seems to be. We still like to communicate personally.

I send 50 some odd cards at Christmas, several parcels as well as birthday cards and letters throughout the year. I also receive all my bills by mail.

If society goes completely electronic, there will be a lot of people, especially seniors, who will suffer. For some, this is their main source of communication with the outside world.

I hope we can continue to have door-to-door delivery because many people can't walk any distance.

Also, to keep the economy flowing in our fair city, is it not better for the environment to have postal delivery persons going out and about than encouraging an air-polluting mine close to our city?

Regarding wages, $23.11 per hour is just a family supporting wage these days.

I don't think time can or should stand still, but I find it quite sad that so many people are "hooked" to their electronic devices and don't see or "smell the roses" anymore



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