Someone needed to be in charge

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February 13, 2013 01:00 AM

It's very sad to see the flea market at the Northills Mall close after so many years in service to the community.

It's even sadder to see that a few "bad apples" ruined the market for everyone else, bullying and feeling an unearned sense of entitlement toward their shop and vendors.

However, this is more than just people becoming unruly, the true heart of the matter runs much deeper, into government, and how cities should be run.

The Farmers Market on St. Paul Street does extremely well every week, as well as at its weekday spot outside the downtown library, because the City keeps a close eye on it, monitoring and being involved in all levels of planning.

Allowing non-profit groups to run a flea market is a great idea. However, with any large undertaking, their needs to be a body in charge with teeth.

The Northills Mall flea market never had anyone in charge, and Exhibit A was how unruly it became.

With no leadership, vendors were able to run wild, and with Northills Mall itself taking a weird "NIMBY" stance, it's no wonder it came apart at the seams. Government - especially local, in this instance - does play a part.

People love to gripe about paying taxes, and sound off on the corrupt nature of politics, but it's most definitely fair to say the only thing that would've saved the Northills Mall flea market would've been a little law and order and governance - for the people and by the people.



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