SPCA fails to dig up clues in kitten abandonment case

'At least call us. We may have other options. When it comes to kittens, you find a way'

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November 14, 2012 01:00 AM

No one has come forward with clues or information about a carrier full of kittens left in the snow along O'Connor Lake Road last month.

SPCA shelter manager Charleen Holloway said there have been no leads in the case. Hunter Ken McKibbon found five kittens, barely old enough to eat on their own, huddled inside the carrier on a wet blanket.

McKibbon found homes for all five, including the runt who needed to be hand fed. He was disgusted that someone could abandon young kittens like that.

Holloway said it's not the first case she's heard of where kittens have been left at a roadside pullout. In fact, she knows of several occurrences this year.

"We've had quite a few come in that way," she said Tuesday. Rarely are there witnesses to the abandonments.

Last week, a woman driving to Kamloops from Merritt to visit family found a six-week-old kitten at a pullout. She turned it in to the SPCA shelter.

Holloway said even though the shelter has been full most of the time, she will try to find a way to accommodate kittens.

"At least call us. We may have other options," she said.

"When it comes to kittens, you find a way."

The SPCA has about 30 foster homes for cats and dogs, and currently about 50 animals are in their care. The shelter itself has room for about 50 cats, half of what it was a few years ago, because of disease control efforts and the creation of a rodent room.

Kittens left by the roadside can't fend for themselves and are most likely to be killed by a predator or starve to death.

Holloway said she tries to transfer animals out to make more room at the shelter. She recently took six kittens, five adult cats and two dogs to the Sunshine Coast.

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