Talk of the town: What people have to say about the Ajax project

The Ajax File: All That Glitters - Part 3 of 5

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July 30, 2011 01:00 AM

One thing we do know, in less than one-third of a lifetime, after the first shovel of earth is disturbed at the mine site, the 400 jobs and boost to the City's tax base that we're promised will be long gone. Sadly, future generations will inherit nothing more than 25 square kilometres of mine waste and rubble.
- J. Piper

Overall, the GCC is deeply concerned with the proposed destruction of this large grassland area, given the scarcity and high ecological value of the ecosystem type in the community, region, province and world. Native grasslands have been shown to be exceedingly difficult to restore and/or createâ."
- Grasslands Conservation Council of B.C.

Should the Aberdeen neighbourhood become a less desirable neighbourhood, to the point where residential growth is significantly slower than anticipated or does not occur at all, what growth impact, pressures and costs will this place on other areas in the city not having the infrastructure in place?
- City of Kamloops

I've worked at Highland Valley Copper Mine for the last 35 years. It is one of the most efficient mines in the world. Other mines have come to this mine to learn and see how it's run. . . . Still, the Ajax mine might not be for you, but they do have to follow environmental rules and protect the people close to the mine site.
- R. Chow

Kamloops needs jobs. People cannot afford to live on part-time low wage jobs. Those jobs don't support families, or pay mortgagesâ. If the City rejects this "opportunity," what do all of you plan to do to improve the current job situation here?
- Diane Czyzewski

We believe the activities that have been proposed as part of this development that will cause an extensive loss of grasslands as well as the use of large volumes of water that would normally drain into the Peterson Creek watershed have significant extensive environment effects that cannot be mitigated.
- Kamloops Naturalist Club

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