Talk of the Town: What people have to say about the Ajax project

The Ajax File: All That Glitters - Part 2 of 5

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July 28, 2011 01:00 AM

I don't see any problem with Ajax on the edge of Kamloops. It means, I'm sure, tax revenue for city, provincial and federal governments, as well as employment. We are going to have to decide as to what is too dusty, noisy and unacceptable.
- Dick Stewart

I believe that if we were able to put a dollar figure on quality of life and understood the true value of our natural ecosystems (flora and fauna) and finite resources (fresh water), a cost/benefit analysis that took all factors into consideration would show that the development of this proposal will do little but create short-term financial gain for a very few at a cost that ultimately cannot be measured.
- Kimberley Goodall

I live close to the proposed development, in fact, just over the hill. My concerns are the noise from blasting 24 hours a day, and the vibration of the ground affecting the whole Aberdeen area. This could have serious effects on the housing development's foundations.
- Kevin Beeton

What about people who will be negatively affected by the dust? What about all of us in Aberdeen, South Sahali, Knutsford and Pineview? Are we just dogs you can just ignore or kick around for the sake of progress?
- C.B. Villeneuve

From an economic point of view, only an ignorant person would not see the upside of having a project that would employ 400 people for several decades, and is ignoring how much of a positive economic impact that would have to the City of Kamloops. It is no coincidence that the project partly falls within the City limits. It is common for City limits to be extended into industrial areas in order to capture the site, thereby allowing direct taxation from the proceeds of the project.
- Perry Grunenberg

This Ajax Mine doesn't give a hoot about the 85,000 citizens of Kamloops and their health and welfare. Come on, Kamloops, save us from this greed and idiocy. City council should also stop looking at the taxes they will get, and look more at Tourism Kamloops, and guarding our water and quality of life.
- Judith Naylor

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