Talk of the Town: What people have to say about the Ajax project

The Ajax File: All That Glitters - Part 1 of 5

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July 26, 2011 01:00 AM

This project will have deleterious effects on the public health of Kamloops residents and a devastating effect on a huge area of grasslands, two drainage basins, a large nature park and turn a valuable local wetland into an industrial cesspool.

- Don Ferguson

As one who made his living in mining for almost 40 years, I am favourably disposed to this activity, provided it is done in a competent and environmentally sound manner. Mining can be disruptive, uses a non-renewable resource, and leaves a permanent footprint. But it is also a direct generator of good jobs, has many spin-off benefits for the community it operates in, and creates new wealth.

- Frank Amon

Many Kamloops residents don't realize just how close the mine will be to Aberdeen and Pineview, and few realize how far south of those two communities the City boundary actually is.

- Frances Vyse

Mines within city limits are not a new phenomenon and many communities have thrived quite nicely with this co-existence - look at Sudbury, Ontario, and Timmins, Ontario. . . The communities have thrived and the residents have benefited from jobs. Copper doesn't just pop out of the ground in nice little ingots. Soil has to be moved, trucks have to be used. This is a fact of life.

- Jane Clifford

I participated in a tour of the area and was astounded at the sheer magnitude of the project, and especially the proximity of its various components to Jacko Lake, Inks Lake, and the City of Kamloops itself. . . . at some point we must realize that we live in a finite environment, and we cannot simply continue to extract resources from the earth to provide jobs and to manufacture more and more "stuff".

- Anne Grube

. . . this proposed mine is, of course, a major concern to our company, our assets, our current residents and our local wildlife and as such, we feel a responsibility to protect our investment and assist our residents and the wildlife in protecting their quality of life.

- Aberdeen Highlands Development Corp.

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