Taxpayers have right to ask questions

Kamloops Daily News
February 27, 2013 01:00 AM

It is interesting how you characterize some of the rate payers of Kamloops, including myself, as "budget watchers "and "hardliners clamouring for tax reductions" for seemingly daring to question the management of our municipal tax dollars and wanting city managers to search for efficiencies to stave off a tax increase.

I also don't believe your statement that cost overruns are largely unavoidable and I`m sure even city managers would agree with me on that.

Your position, as well, seems to be that there should never be a reduction or any saving in the city's operating labour cost and if savings could be made through the introduction of a more efficient way of doing things these savings should never be realized.

Personally I am satisfied with the service the city is providing but I will always reserve the right to question the manner in which it is delivered. You seem to expect the taxpayers of this city to simply accept their lot and not ask for more. Why should we do that?



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