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October 12, 2012 01:00 AM

This is a follow-up and thanks to the people, media, agencies and offices that showed interest in my recent ordeal in finding dental care in Kamloops (More Dental Help Needed For Destitute And Homeless, The Daily News, Oct. 5).

I wanted to raise awareness of the lack of assistance in this area, in hopes that consideration of the feasibility of dental care for the economically challenged segment of our society might garner some ideas and potential solutions.

On Oct. 5, I received a call telling me that someone had anonymously paid for the repair on my denture and that I could pick it up at the Kamloops Dental Lab. While I don't know where the funds came from or who might have paid, I wish to say thank you, letting them know I am very grateful for your help and caring. I have my front teeth back and am ready again to interview for work.

The following are some of the people and offices that emailed me or called in response to my plight: The Daily News, The United Way, MP Cathy McLeod, the B.C. Dental Association, MLA Terry Lake, MLA Kevin Krueger and the Kamloops Dental Lab. Thanks again for your help and interest.



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