The bottom line on Ajax is jobs

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January 13, 2012 01:00 AM

Re: Ken McClelland's letter ("Don't let the facts get In the way of mine opposition," Jan 11.)

The bottom line is we need tax paying jobs to pay for public sector jobs, projects and other public commitments that are funded through taxes.

I started making a list of jobs that rely on tax dollars. It became too long to add to this article. To get a feel for the list, look in the blue pages in phone book, municipal, provincial and federal and that is only some of them.

All of these jobs have pension plans. The pension plan has to invest in companies that make money. The companies that own Ajax could be an example. If these companies make money your pension stays alive. If they lose so does your pension plan.

The pension plan may wish not to invest in mining companies. There are many different sectors to invest in. Maybe they prefer green energy like windmills or high tech but these industries require mining to build the hardware for their projects. Just think, the operator of the City pension plan could invest in the Ajax mine? Maybe they already do.

I prefer not to have a mine in my backyard, either, or anywhere for that matter, but for the greater good someone has to make sacrifices.I personally have nothing to gain from this mine but the health of my community, my province and my country does.

I appreciate and care about the health of our environment and Iappreciate what KAPA represents but we need balance.



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