This may fill the void for Idle No More

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January 29, 2013 01:00 AM

I am currently incarcerated at Kamloops Regional Correctional Center. I have been battling my dysfunctions, in attempts to surmount this negative life that impedes my flourishing progression. I am enrolled into English 12 in school. I watch a lot of news, as well as read the newspapers with regard to Idle no More. As I write this letter, I have been studying my curriculum when this excerpt from "Crazy Horse" became one of my questions. I think that this is an appropriate statement for Idle No More, due to the fact that seemingly they don't have a current agenda? Therefore as I sit here attempting to reform my life, as a Metis with personal struggles and persistent adversity, I thought that this excerpt may fill the void which the media states that Idle No More is lacking! Thank you!

"We Preferred Our Own Way of Living

"My friend, I do not blame you for this. Had I listened to you this trouble would not have happened to me. I was not hostile to the white men. Sometimes my young men would attack the Indians who were their enemies and took their ponies. They did it in return. We had buffalo for food, and their hides for clothing and for our teepees. We preferred hunting to life of idleness on the reservation, where we were driven against our will. At times we did not get enough to eat, and we were not allowed to leave the reservation to hunt. We preferred our own way of living. We were no expense to the government. All we wanted was peace and to be left alone. Soldiers were sent out in the winter, who destroyed our villages."

- Excerpted from "Crazy Horse", Indian Oratory: Famous Speeches by Noted Indian Chieftains, by W.C. Vanderworth



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