Timmins OK with open-pit mine

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January 14, 2013 01:00 AM

As a new year begins the Ajax debate remains lively and active. I have seen numerous letters against and a few for this project. But one question remains unanswered - is an open-pit mine actually good for a city?

Obviously, if we ask Greenpeace they will say no. If we ask KGHM they will say yes, so I decided to do a bit of homework and ask city councillors of a Canadian city that has a mine almost smack in the middle of it. That city - Timmins, Ont.

Go ahead and Google map it. To the right of the city you will see an open-pit mine.

When I asked the Timmins councillors by email, all six were in favour. Aa couple councillors did say there were a few complaints about the mine, but the mining company rectified the problems by building a 40-foot berm to prevent dust from blowing into the city, and watering it more often.

It didn't just create mining jobs but also jobs for security, technology (computers), accountants, etc.

Also, I would like to also mention the project underwent 32 studies before it was approved in Timmins, which is why the environmental portion of the Ajax process is taking a long time, as it should.

I believe if KGHM can prove to be responsible it should move forward in Kamloops, upon approval from the federal and provincial environmental authorities.

KGHM has confirmed on its Ajax website that it will be turning the mine back into a fishing lake and trail system, which will be welcoming when the doctors decide to all come back and retire here.



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