Todd Road in serious need of upgrade

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February 18, 2013 01:00 AM

I read with interest a while back that the city is going to widen Highland Drive from Valleyview Drive to the Juniper roundabout.

I am not sure why that is taking place but that is beside the point. I am writing with regards to the condition of Todd Road in Barnhartvale.

I am particularly concerned about the section that goes from Ronde Lane to Klahanie. This section of road which is 1.1 kilometres long is not even a full two lanes wide, with no sidewalk.

As a result anyone walking in that area, and many people do including school kids, must walk on the road.

It has been particularly bad this winter as the road has not been plowed out to the edge.

It is even worse if you are driving that section at night and encounter people walking on the road with dark clothing.

Todd Road is not a side street it is the main road which services all the south half of the Barnhartvale subdivision. It is also the main route used by both the City and school buses.

It is also very interesting to see that the assessment rates in Juniper are going up 0.32 per cent whereas Barnhartvale's rates are going up a whopping 6.15 per cent, six times more than anywhere else in the city. I am not asking for a three-lane highway, just two full lanes and a sidewalk would be nice. The City is very concerned about the number of pedestrian accidents happening.

I am urging the City to do something with this section of road before the next (tragedy) takes place on Todd Road.



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