Traffic change to First and Lorne goes to public

'There will be concerns any time you realign an intersection'

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February 23, 2013 01:00 AM

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Parking isn't the only downtown issue for public feedback at Tuesday night's open house.

The last phase of the City's beautification project for Lorne Street is also up for public scrutiny.

The plan calls for Lorne Street to join into First Avenue, with a set of lights at the intersection with Lansdowne Street. It will mean Victoria Street ends at First Avenue and drivers will have to turn right at that point.

City administrator David Trawin said Friday the merge lane that passes in front of city hall will be removed.

The part of the plan that's got the most potential for conflicts is where Victoria and Lansdowne are close to each other, he said.

Once the feedback is reviewed and any needed changes are made, the project will go out to tender.

City streets and capital projects manager Kristen Meersman said the proposal should be out in early spring and construction will take a couple of months.

While no timing is ideal, the area has less traffic during the summer, so that's likely when the construction will be done, she said.

Meersman isn't expecting a lot of feedback Tuesday, but the City wants to get the information out to residents as soon as possible.

"There will be concerns any time you realign an intersection," she said.

"We've spent quite a bit of time and effort on the technical effort, so it's more informational to let the public know what we went through to end up with the final design."

The direction of the streets won't change, so Lansdowne remains one-way headed west, First Avenue north of Seymour Street is still two-way, and south of Seymour is still one-way.

A full traffic light will be installed at Lansdowne and First, which should make it more pedestrian friendly, she added.

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