Treat poor with consideration

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January 4, 2014 01:00 AM

I am concerned about how people treat our more unfortunate people.

Don't say, "Get a job," because there are a few people that can't work. Does that give citizens the right to threaten them with the RCMP?

People that think they're upper class should not have the right to cause others stress.

Have you people ever had the experience of lying out in the cold and having nowhere to go because you can't afford housing? It's out of this world.

I lost my home because of lies and I have proof of it. The poor people or disabled are constantly picked upon in one form or another. Please stop bashing the poor as you could be there yourselves someday.

Don't walk on by, lend a helping hand. Don't ignore someone's cries for help, it could be you in need and would you want help or for people to walk on by and act as though they hear you but don't care?

I know you would want them to help you, so why do you people not help the man that is crying out there for help?

Because of greed and attitudes.

Many say, "It's not my business," but it is; if you can prevent the pain, then for God's sake, help them.

Everyone has feelings, be they good or bad. Don't judge people by their skin, they all have hearts just as the wealthy do.

And colour is not the issue either. I don't see colour as any reason to turn your back on people. God loves us all unconditionally.

The poor keep lots of jobs going. If it wasn't for all of us, none of the people that work for Ask Wellness or welfare would have jobs.

Treat people the way you would want to be treated - with respect, dignity, compassion, understanding, love, concern and trust, as you would your friends.



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