TRU, Kamloops welcome foreign students

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January 9, 2013 01:00 AM

I am a student at TRU. I landed in Kamloops on Jan. 1 and I am here to share my experience so far with your readers.

I found Kamloops a beautiful and peaceful city with snow-capped mountains embraced by the arms (branches) of the Thompson rivers whose tranquil blue water reflects the tranquil blue sky of the city; fulfilling the nature's law of friendship to mesmerize the beauty of this land.

Same is the case with the inhabitants of Kamloops - they are so friendly and kind I haven't seen a single person who was missing a smile while interacting with me and others like me who are not indigenous to this land.

Similarly, the university where I study is so welcoming and supporting toward its international students that they arranged a whole week of orientation for international students in order to make them familiar with the university and the system by offering various student-engagement activities to enrich their lives being a part of Canadian community.

I am truly obliged that I have chosen a Canadian university as my learning destination and I am feeling blessed to be here in Kamloops.



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