Walk buttons have people acting irrationally

Kamloops Daily News
January 30, 2013 01:00 AM

We all see things while driving our cars that truly amaze us as to the wisdom of our fellow citizens. How about the young man, in a hurry, leaning on a corner lamp standard continually striking the walk button, over and over expecting that his efforts will make the light suddenly turn green for him? Or the motorist approaching Halston Road who drives up to a red light, jumps out of his car, runs to the pole, hits the walk button and returns to his car, again expecting the light will magically change to green just for him.

You see this many times and not just in Kamloops! Striking the walk button switch does one thing and one thing only. It activates the walk light, but only when the light does turn green. You cannot expect that because you want to walk across an intersection or you're in a hurry, the entire traffic light system in Kamloops will change its sequence just for you with a push of a button. This would pose a traffic grid and engineering nightmare for the City of Kamloops and for drivers. For example, the lights on Seymour change to green sequentially and if you drive the speed limit, you'll encounter green lights for the entire length of Seymour St. You cannot change this.

Just the same, it breaks up the driving monotony to see this somewhat hilarious activity of frustrated pedestrians at the corner of "Walk and Don't Walk!"



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