What's happening inside the Telus building downtown?

Catherine Litt / Kamloops Daily News
January 6, 2012 01:00 AM

Corporate sales manager John Mercuri, left, and company owner/president Andre Blanleil look over plans as the new Telus Business Centre takes shape at the corner of Third Avenue and St. Paul Street. The centre will be run by Andre's and is expected to be open by Jan 20.

YOU ASKED:Why is Telus renovating their location on St. Paul? I remember that location being a customer service centre where bills were paid and services ordered (a busy place, too, if I remember correctly).

- Shane Dyck

OUR ANSWER:Anyone who drives by that huge, corner building on St. Paul Street and Third Avenue has probably wondered the same thing - especially in recent days with all the pickup trucks parked outside the main door.

Actually, work crews have been in there for about two months, quietly transforming the interior.

They are remodeling the old customer centre into a new Telus Business Centre, which will be operated by Andre's AudioTronic.

Company owner Andre Blanleil filled us in on the exciting details.

"We're building a new concept store, the first in the Interior of B.C.," he said.

"Really, it's a beautiful concept . . . it's (requiring) several hundred thousand dollars of renovations."

The 3,600-square-foot (334-sq.-metre) store will offer retail sales and services for individual customers but its main focus will be serving the business community throughout the Thompson-Okanagan region.

"We be able to sell Telus landlines, cellular, data, phone systems, all that type of stuff," said Blanleil. "We'll be able to look after all the business and retail needs of Kamloops."

The store will include a learning centre, which will offer all sorts of free training and instruction for individuals or corporate teams wanting to learn how to get the most out of their digital devices.

"So, if somebody wanted to buy a cellphone, or a company that has a half-dozen or dozen cellphones, we'll actually train their staff on how to use their phones to get the best out of them," added Blanleil.

The new Telus store is slated to open Jan. 20 and will be managed by John Mercuri.

* * *

One of our Daily News readers has posed a curious question to our Readers' Reporter department - one that needs a little help from our readers at large.

Shane Dilling moved to Brocklehurst last summer and says he has noticed "a strange occurrence" on local streets such as Crestline, Parkcrest and Fleetwood.

Basically, someone seems to be leaving breadcrumbs on the roadways.

Dilling has been able to narrow down the timeframe of the daily deposits to between 2 and 5 a.m. but he still hasn't seen the bird feeder in action.

"I walk my chocolate lab each morning and have not see the person or persons dropping the bread," said Dilling, who is curious to know who is keeping the crows well fed in Brock.

"Just this morning a murder of crows was on my neighborhood eating the bread. I don't believe it's poisonous as they keep coming back," he added.

So, consider this a mission for our Daily News readers.

If you can shed some light on this little mystery please contact our Readers' Reporter via email at litt@kamloopsnews.ca, through Twitter at @CathLitt_KDN, or through the Daily News Facebook page at www.facebook.com/kamnews.

* * *

And, just for fun, here's another mystery that needs some help to be solved.

Daily News reader Sandy Lowndes asks this: "Could you tell me, at the south end of the Overlander Bridge, what the heck is that scarecrow or whatever it is doing up there on the hillside?"

The scarecrow is comprised partly of a fence post and has been on the hill for years. It went largely unnoticed until someone adorned the figure with campaign signs during the last municipal election.

"I had a few people thinking I did it," said Kamloops City Coun. Tina Lange, whose election signs mysteriously ended up on and around the scarecrow in November.

But Lange is as perplexed as we are about the origin of the figure.

If you know the secret behind the scarecrow, please share it so we can put this mini mystery to rest.

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