Why do we sell guns to Colombia?

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January 12, 2013 01:00 AM

In response to the article, Canada Allows Export Of Assault Weapons To Colombia (The Daily News, Jan. 3), I have to wonder what we are doing in this country by allowing the sale of assault weapons to Columbia, noted as being "one of the world's most violent countries."

This is not an action I would expect from Canada, as it puts us on the same plane with the U.S. - promoting violence and death for the sake of profit and/or political influence.

The purpose of assault weapons is to kill other people, in war (legal or illegal), revolution, or mass murder. Is this what Canada has become?

Are we so obsessed with money that peace and non-violence take a back seat in our quest for political gain with a gun lobby? Or business? What have we become? Where are we going?

Maybe it's my age. Perhaps I'm beginning to see the things that are not important in life and placing the things that are at the top - survival, people, environment, animals.

I'm beginning to wonder if our governments (provincial and national), have lost their sense of what's important in the long term for it short term desire to "balance" the budget. I know this is a simplistic argument. But even so, this sale feels dirty and wrong. Has no other person reacted to this article located in the back pages?



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