Winner of $11-million jackpot plans trip to Vegas

'I had to count all the commas to make sure I was reading it right and seeing millions, not thousands'

Sylvie Paillard / Kamloops Daily News
February 12, 2013 01:00 AM

Mitchell Shuter

He's going to Vegas.

The latest 6/49 lottery winner is $11 million richer after picking up his cheque at the Kamloops B.C. Lottery Corporation office on Tuesday.

Mitchell Shuter, a 50-year-old Merritt resident, matched his six-number lottery ticket, which he bought at the Courtesy Corner Store in Merritt, to Wednesday's 6/49 draw, earning him the $11,073,738 jackpot.

His immediate plan is to celebrate by keeping his luck going in North America's gambling capital.

The Lower Nicola Indian Band member held onto the ticket for a few days before realizing he'd won, which happened while visiting with his parents in Vancouver on Friday.

"My first reaction was disbelief," he said. "I was a little shaky when I first discovered the win. I had to count all the commas to make sure I was reading it right and seeing millions, not thousands."

He's been buying lottery tickets for 25 years and has never won more than $1,000. He said this win pays him back, and then some.

He plans to help out friends and family, some of whom are going through a hard time, he said.

Shuter's daughter lives in Ontario and he's not married.

"I'm single," he said. "But I don't know for how long."

He is taking another trip to Italy to see the World Masters baseball tournament in the summer.

He's still getting used to his newfound freedom.

"I really like watching baseball and it occurred to me that I can just go (to Italy)."

Otherwise, he says his lifestyle won't change very quickly.

He just changed the oil in his vehicle, so he's not planning on buying a new one.

"It's good for another 5,000 kilometres," he laughed.

He intends to complete his studies at the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology, which offers courses and services with Aboriginal perspectives.

The plan had been to go on with his studies and earn a bachelor of education, but he's not so sure now.

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