Won't be fooled again by NDP

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January 30, 2013 01:00 AM

This is in response to the "NDP launches positive ads" article in the KDN. Fool me once NDP (the NDP performance record from the '90s Adrian) and nothing personal in that attack regarding you Adrian, but nice try in trying to spin it that way to the B.C. voters.

It is not you that is victimized here Adrian, it was the B.C. voters whom are a great many today - as voters, that refuse to forget about the NDP overspending of hundreds of millions of B.C. taxpaying dollars on the Glen Clark led NDP 'Fast Ferries Fiasco' a.k.a. the Fast Cats.

Nice spin but it gets no points in my opinion as this is not about you personally, Adrian - rather it is a Liberal friendly reminder to B.C. taxpayers (near voting time) about just why? It is that the NDP party has never been elected back into power since the late 90's.

That's historical and accurate NDP fact, Adrian - so how's that a personal attack on you?

Hundreds of millions of B.C. taxpayer's dollars were wasted in non-projected overspending. That's terrible NDP financial mismanagement, I'd say.

On top of this, the very NDP idea of building these Fast Cats to speed up the B.C. ferries travel time - and only to have the environmentalists say that you must 'now' slow them down as these NDP Fast Cats are eroding our shore lines to quickly...was so insulting to B.C. taxpayers, that the NDP suffered a resounding defeat to the B.C. Liberals.

This whole NDP led Fast Cats idea was flawed and not very well researched, right from the beginning - obviously. It speaks for itself as a financial blunder - so again Adrian, how are these B.C. historically recorded facts anything about spinning this situation - as a personal attack on you.

Nice try at deflection, but I am not buying it and nor will anyone else, in my opinion, that see's right through this latest NDP tom foolery and shenanigans.

Rather than this NDP deflection - how about you Adrian, as its latest leader (now) start down the road - of apologizing to the B.C. taxpayers?



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