About the Redd Alert gang

There's only one gang with any presence in Kamloops, and even its foothold is fleeting, RCMP said Wednesday.

"It's more than affiliation, but it's loose. It's not a hard structure," Staff Sgt. Grant Learned said of the Redd Alert gang.

Redd Alert is an aboriginal Alberta-based street gang that began in prison in 2000, but was not widely active until 2005. Members wear red bandanas and have a presence in prisons throughout the Prairies. The gang is also an acknowledged part of the drug world in Alberta.

The gang surfaced in Kamloops in 2006. During a press conference late that year, RCMP showed off assault rifles, swords and gang patches seized in a drug raid.

Learned said Redd Alert is present throughout the province, including Williams Lake and Prince George.

RCMP have worked hard to keep gangs out of Kamloops and have, for the most part, been successful. Learned said groups such as the Hells Angels and Independent Soldiers have tried to set up shop, but only succeed in forming loose affiliations.

"We are fortunate that none of the major organized criminal gangs have ever established a foothold in Kamloops and we are working tooth and nail to prevent that from happening," he said.

"There is no visible gang activity that has been entrenched here."

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