Talk of the Town: What people have to say about the Ajax project

The Ajax File: All That Glitters - Part 5 of 5

Some people think we are getting rid of Peterson Creek, but that is not the case. At some point in time, we will have to relocate Peterson Creek . . . but anything we build will have to be as good as what was there before.
- Jim Whittaker, KGHM Ajax project manager

It would behoove the ranchers of Knutsford and the residents of upper Aberdeen to amalgamate, organize and spearhead opposition to this mine and if they do, I think they'll find a host of people in Kamloops to back them up. Where's the citizens' committee on this one?
- Janet Michael

I'm not thrilled with what they're going to do to the environment. I'm not sold on it yet. Not by a long shot. . . . It's going to upset Jacko Lake to the point of destroying it.
- Coun. Jim Harker

In my opinion, the short-term economic benefits of such a project can never outweigh the long-term environmental, esthetic and health detriments to our community and all the smooth talking in the world will never change that.
- Verna Cheramy

What we have here in this region is a model for the rest of the province, arguably it's a model for the rest of the country. There are so many players who have come together to create winning conditions. The mining industry will thrive as a result of these win-win situations, and will benefit all of us.
- Pierre Gratton, President, B.C. Mining Association

This proposed mine, because of its size and proximity to hundreds of homes and lives, will lessen or destroy their quality of life. Many people in the adjacent parts of Kamloops will be negatively impacted by noise, vibration and dust.
- A.C. Brumell

The footprint of the mine is huge. You look at that mine and the area, including tailings and waste rock, and it's probably half as big as Kamloops.
- John Schleirmacher

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