Talk of the Town: What people have to say about the Ajax project

The Ajax File: All That Glitters - Part 3 of 5

Certainly, I think most people can agree that any mine site of the size proposed will have impacts. What we don't know yet is how will those impacts be minimized and what other areas may see improvements as a trade-off. I also think most people can agree that 400 well-paying jobs would be good for our economy. The question will be how do the impacts balance out with the economics?
- Mayor Peter Milobar

My concerns are the noise from blasting 24 hours a day and the vibration of the ground affecting the whole Aberdeen area. The dust, the toxic chemicals that will blow south and the fact that I walk my dog and hike in the immediate area. I also have serious concerns with respect to the potential hazards and contamination of the ground water in the area.
- Kevin Beeton

There will be no cyanide used at the Ajax project, as the copper and gold concentrates will be shipped to Asia for processing. The Ajax mine will not be smelting materials locally and, therefore, there will be no chemical processing on site and there is no threat to the local community from cyanide.
- John Froese, KGHM Ajax

Forget about grasslands, picnics and fishing in Inks Lake. Our minister of environment wants to leave his imprint on the land - a big hole.
- Sherry Jones

It appalls me to think that money and big business may come before the impact this will have on our community. There is much talk even by our MLA that this will bring economic wealth to Kamloops in the form of 400 jobs. What about the jobs that will go elsewhere at our expense?
- Muriel Miller

We request a stronger presence of our City representatives at the working-group meetings, especially planning and engineering. We believe the environmental-assessment office should admit that the June 16 public meeting was poorly handled, and repeat the session as soon as
- Kamloops Voters Society

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