Wildlife - Species of concern that could be impacted by proposed Ajax mine near Kamloops

The Ajax File: All That Glitters - Part 3 of 5

B.C. Red-listed species (endangered or threatened)

American Avocet, American Badger, Brewer's sparrow, burrowing owl, Great Basin pocket mouse, Louis's woodpecker, long-billed curlew, lark sparrow, peregrine falcon, prairie falcon, Swainson's hawk, western grebe, western screech owl, Williamson's sapsucker

B.C. Blue-listed species (not immediately threatened, but of concern because of sensitivity to human activity)

American bittern, barn swallow, bighorn sheep, bobolink, canyon wren, fisher, flammulated owl, fringed myotis, great basin gopher snake, great basin spadefoot, great blue heron, sharp-tailed grouse, short-eared owl, spotted bat, Townsend's big-eared bat, western painted turtle, western rattlesnake, wolverine, western toad

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