Family atmosphere fuels psych-rock band

California quartet adjusts performances to mood of the moment

Some bands hit the stage with a set routine - a couple of songs, then the bass player will make a joke before the lead singer tells a story.

Not so for indie band Family of the Year. Outside of the songs, there is no script for the evening.

Instead, the California-based quartet prefers to wear their collective emotions on their sleeves, adjusting each performance to the mood of the moment.

"We try to have serious moments. We do take what we do very seriously, but it's about fun and entertainment and having a laugh, too," drummer Sebastian Keefe told The Daily News on Monday.

That means those who heard Family perform during a previous tour of western Canada will get a completely different show when the band takes the stage at The Blue Grotto Tuesday night.

Family of the Year is comprised of Keefe and his brother Joseph, the band's lead singer. Christina Schrouter supplies keyboard while James Buckey plays the guitar.

What sets Family apart, as far as Keefe is concerned, is all the members lend their voice to the songs. And they have energy to spare.

"We really, really, really like to give off a lot of energy. It could be all the pent-up time in the van," he said of the months spent on the road touring.

He said audiences will know how serious a song is by the expressions on the band members' faces. If it's a lighter song - and Family does try to keep the music as entertaining as possible - the smiles will give that away.

The tour is in support of the band's second full album, Loma Vista, which will be on sale at the show. In addition to CDs there will be vinyl record editions available.

He said the records are a fun way for fans to enjoy Family's music, especially in the digital age. The album's artwork was designed by the band members.

Family of the Year performs with Hey Ocean. Tickets for the 19-and-older show are $10 and doors open at 8 p.m.

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