Honour choir holds fundraiser after gaming funds cut


They've been a proud part of Kamloops for decades, winning performing arts awards, joining in the Olympic torch celebration and even singing O Canada! at the Olympic opening ceremony in Vancouver.

Now the Kamloops-Thompson Honour Choir must go cap in hand to the community to continue without its annual gaming grant from the provincial government.

"It's a little disappointing to see because without those funds we can't continue," said Leah Bojey, co-chair of choir's board of volunteers.

The choir for children in Grades 5 through 8 is holding a dinner/dance/auction at Colombo Hall March 27 to cover the shortfall.

Kamloops-Thompson School District supports the choir by providing a substitute teacher when the choir's teacher/director joins the chorus on their annual road trip. Otherwise the choir had come to rely on the gaming funds as other sources dried up.

Last year the group was ineligible for gaming funds because they reported a surplus. Since then the gaming funding was cut while the surplus has been used up.

"Now, rumour has it there will be some funds available, however the paperwork is very difficult. It's like another roadblock they're putting up."

Bojey knows the value of her daughter Hailey's involvement in the choir. As co-chair of the volunteer group behind the choir, she laments the fact that it may not survive.

"For her it's been an amazing experience. She's just loved it as an outlet for her creativity."

The Grade 8 student is not athletically inclined so she didn't want to perform at the Olympic Games. Experiencing the event extended her horizons.

"It just totally opened her eyes to what the Olympics are."

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