Musically ever after: Marianas Trench bring pop-concept tour to Kamloops

If the success of Canadian pop band Marianas Trench can be described as something akin to a fairy tale, then it's only appropriate their latest album and tour be called Ever After.

To promote what is essentially a 54-minute track stitched from a dozen discrete songs, Marianas Trench is about to embark on a 14-stop Canadian tour that hits Interior Savings Centre Nov. 3.

But this isn't going to be a simple stage show. Bassist Mike Ayley promises fans the upcoming performance is going to be something special.

Talking to The Daily News earlier this week, Ayley was hesitant to give too much away about the show. But he said there will be plenty of on-stage stunts and video content.

"They will add a third dimension to the show, or even a fourth," he said. "But it's still really musical."

As written by lead singer Josh Ramsey, Ever After is best described as a seamless hour-long symphony that harkens back to the theme-album era when music was more than a bunch of songs on an endless iPod playlist, said Ayley.

He said the songs stand alone, but also come together to tell a story - a fairytale that the four musicians bring to life on stage.

Ever After tells the story of the heartless Queen Carolina, an exiled king, and the stolen heart of his daughter Porcelain. As the songs unfold, the listener is lowered into a barren and heartless Toyland with music that goes beyond what people might expect from a mainstream pop act.

"The show will be crazy," said Ayley.

But the band is determined to grow as musicians and artists, he said. Ever After is a prime example of that.

Marianas Trench launched in 2001 and has since released three studio albums, three extended plays, 10 singles and 10 music videos.

Ever After came out last November.

The band's sound has changed during the last decade, beginning with a hard-rock edge and evolving into the pop sound that accompanies Marianas Trench's current success.

But Ayley, Ramsey and band mates Matt Webb and Ian Casselman remain true to themselves. The music might sound at home in the Top 40, but it still has a personal touch reflective of their experiences as individuals and a group.

The music draws inspiration from relationships, life on the road and the rush that comes from being a performer, he said.

Since their debut, the band has enjoyed a steady rise to the top. Ayley credits social media such as Twitter, Facebook and most importantly YouTube with helping Marianas Trench climb the pop-chart ladder.

The band recently toured Australia to sold-out clubs and shows, yet Marianas Trench hasn't released a single album Down Under. The fans heard songs like Fallout and Desperate Measures via the Internet, and the reaction was most enthusiastic, he said.

"We have really, really loyal fans," said Ayley. "They cross all boundaries."

Marianas Trench, with guests Down With Webster and Anami Vice, play the ISC on Saturday, Nov. 3 at 7 p.m. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster, the ISC box office or by phoning 1-855-985-5000.

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