Musicians plan to sing along with Stanley Cup visits

Ice time has made way for tee time, but a bunch of hockey-crazed musicians hopes to score gold with a set of songs to celebrate the great Canadian game and raise charitable funds.

Larry Pegg, an Ottawa-based songwriter, and his friend Edmund Egan, a composer/producer of themes for TV shows such as Rick Mercer Report and This Hour Has 22 Minutes, are among those behind The Hockey Project.

The project is a grassroots celebration of the sport as a national passion, the idea being to put that dynamic to work for the charity Right to Play, which helps children in poor regions of the world using sport and play for development, health and peace.

"I guess I'm the leader of the project and I decided to tie it into this charity and at the same time create community spirit for local charities," Pegg said.

During the finals they released We Love Hockey, which can be downloaded at They're counting on the songs becoming anthems with at least 50,000 copies sold, the equivalent of a Canadian gold record and popular enough to raise significant coin.

The songs should not be novelty tunes or spoofs; they celebrate the positive energy and ethics hockey was built upon. The sentiment may be a welcome one after the shame of the Vancouver riot. Pegg and his friends are even offering to come and play their songs live.

Details of Mark Recchi's homecoming haven't been worked out yet, but there is little doubt he'll bring the Stanley Cup here as the crowning achievement of his NHL career.

"We are focusing on the positive and the party that will likely happen in Kamloops for Mark Recchi and in other cities across the country," Pegg said.

Two-thirds of proceeds go to the national charity, Right to Play, with the remaining one-third going to community-based charities.

"We thought hockey would tie into that concept. I've put the word out to all small towns in Canada where the Stanley Cup is coming. Slowly but surely we'll build some momentums for these charities."

Recchi last brought the cup to Kamloops in 2006 when it was available for public viewing and photos. Bobby Orr visited for the Recchi/Doan Charity Classic golf tournament, adding to the buzz.

Pegg describes himself as an avid and lifelong fan of the game.

"The most important part of this is that Mark Recchi and I were born on the same day," he joked.

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