The Black Listed starts with a bang

$2,000 prize from talent show will be invested in first album

The latest addition to the city's rock-and-roll scene has a nice notch in their collective belt less than a year after the four musicians came together.

Known as The Black Listed, bassist Shawn O'Hearn, singer Stephan Rozborowskyj, guitarist Daniel Hanson and drummer Gary Rush won $2,000 as the top performers in last week's Kamloops Got Talent or Not competition at the Rock 'n Firkin Pub and Grill.

The band will take that cash and invest it in their first album, O'Hearn said Tuesday.

"We've decided that's going to go right into recording," he said. "We've got six original songs, five of which we've played live. It'll come out for sure when we play the next show."

O'Hearn has booked studio time at Henry Small's Small World Studios for Dec. 22. He said the album will be ready for The Black Listed's next show at Bailey's Pub on Jan. 19.

Success has so far come quickly for the fledgling band. The Black Listed have three shows to their name, including the got-talent event, which was sponsored by 98.3 CIFM.

"We jumped into the mix," he said.

But no one in the group is new to the music business. All are musicians from different local acts who found themselves brought together by chance, said O'Hearn.

Little more than a year ago, Hanson's father hosted a concert at Loon Lake an hour east of Vancouver. O'Hearn was already playing with Rush and Hanson, but had yet to connect with Rozborowskyj.

By the end of the night, the two men were strumming their guitars and singing songs around the campfire, he said.

"It's kind of neat to meet someone just like you from another side of the country who knows almost every song you do," said O'Hearn.

A few months later, O'Hearn phoned Rozborowskyj and arranged a get-together. The Black Listed was formed.

The Black Listed is a rock band through and through. O'Hearn said they can play everything from Pantera to The Tragically Hip.

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