Home Hardware expands Halston location

The Home Hardware in Aberdeen closes its doors June 13 in favour of expanding operations at the building supply centre on the Kamloops Indian Band.

Owner Rick Kurzac said Tuesday the majority of merchandize and all 28 staff will move to the location on Josep Way. A few remaining items will be sold during a parking lot sale scheduled for some time in July.

Kurzac doesn't see this as closing a store, saying it's an opportunity to make an already great location better.

"It has always been a part of the plan. What we will end up with is a one-stop shop in one location," he said.

The outlet on Hugh Allan Drive has its challenges. The store is small and built on a two-tiered lot with little room for parking, he said. He purchased the then-Beaver Lumber in 1996 with the intent he would build a new store elsewhere, said Kurzac.

The Josep Way location opened in 2007, but a number of factors delayed the closing of Hugh Allan.

He said it made financial sense to keep the location open when the economy was booming. Now things have adjusted somewhat. And it took time to negotiate the purchase of an extra hectare of land to expand the operation at Josep.

The 45,000-square foot-building centre will grow by 15- to 20,000 square feet and include a door shop, manufacturing centre and warehouse space.

And Kurzac wants to emphasize no jobs will be cut, saying moving staff from the Aberdeen location will increase the complement at Josep to 120 or 130 employees.

"We don't see anybody losing out. We're moving forward in a positive direction," he said.

Expansion of the Josep store is expected to begin within the next month and cost several million dollars.

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