Sedrics rolling along

Sedric's Adventure Resort and Theme Park, announced with a big splash in early April, is still going ahead. It's just not at a stage that's highly visible yet.

The $250-million water park/hotel/arena project is still slated to get the water park portion open in June 2010, said Thomas Aubrey with Sedric's marketer IP Express.

"Things are rolling along, better than I anticipated. The planned opening is the same, next summer. We're on schedule for that," he said Monday.

"We've lost time in some areas, gained in others."

Aubrey said some design changes have been made to the water park layout and some engineering work has had to be done.

If all goes smoothly, earthworks on the project along Highway 5 on the Kamloops Indian reserve should start within a month or two, he said.

"Ninety per cent of the work goes on before you see a shovel in the ground," he said.

The complexity is in the pipes for the water park, with water coming in, going out, being filtered and pumping at a certain pressure or volume, he explained.

"It's not a long build once you get it out of the ground," Aubrey said.

Once the layout and pipes are in place, putting in the slides and loops and other features is the easy part.

"It's a lot like a Lego set when you get it out on the ground."

Kamloops builder Doug Wittal, who is also involved in Sedric's, said the project is "a touch" behind, due to the wet spring.

"It depends how kind the weather is, too. We're going to hope to make up for it because we're still planning on opening next summer."

Other aspects of the project - a high-end hotel, a less expensive family hotel and an arena with a retractable roof - are still on the blueprints, said Aubrey.

In fact, the value hotel is already spoken for, the architect is starting preliminary designs on the larger hotel and Aubrey is looking at whether some kind of Granville market can be created on site, too.

"There's no problems. There's just a heck of a lot of work."

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