Don't worry, be happy!

Kamloops group prepares to 'sprinkle' some happiness on the city on Valentine's Day

They will stand at one of the busiest intersections during the afternoon rush hour, wearing bright yellow T-shirts and holding signs with uplifting messages, such as You Are Enough, It Gets Better and Live Your Dream.

Happiness is about to be "sprinkled" on Kamloops - and in a most unforgettable way - as a grassroots group prepares for the city's first Happiness Sprinkling Project.

"The whole point of it is to just encourage people and to spread joy," said organizer Melanie Reed. "To deliver positive messages to people on their way home from work."

The Happiness Sprinkling Project is a new movement that was started last year by the Anacortes Center for Happiness in Anacortes, Wash. The idea is to send the same collection of signs from town to town as residents in each community set up hour-long Sprinkling projects on their busiest streets.

Gatherings have been held in several U.S. cities since. And, last weekend, the project jumped the border into Victoria, which became the first Canadian community to host a Sprinkling event.

That's how Reed learned about it a few months ago, from a family friend who helped plan the Victoria event.

The concept resonated with her - a group of citizens getting together for no other reason than to brighten a commuter's day.

She thought it would be an ideal event for Kamloops.

"I think a big part of it is we're inundated with negative messages all the time and, you know, people get caught up in their lives," said Reed.

"This is just a way for people to take a step back and be reminded to be happy and choose positive thoughts."

The Kamloops stage of the Happiness Sprinkling Project takes place Feb. 14 from 4 to 5:30 p.m. Participants will gather at the corner of Columbia Street and Summit Drive to spread a little Valentine's Day cheer to passersby.

The signs used by the Victoria group will be the same ones Reed's group will get to use. Afterward, they will be shipped to their next destination: a Sprinkling project in Abbotsford.

So far, about 33 people are expected to take part in the Kamloops gathering. Reed set up a Facebook page to provide more information. It is entitled Happiness Sprinkling Project with Love in Kamloops, BC.

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