Israel debate - rushing toward bias

Hugh Jordan's letter (Stop Making Excuses For Israel, The DailyNews, June 17) is anything but factual. He makes baseless comparisons between gangs in L.A. and nuclear-armed countries threatening to end Israel's destruction. It is, in fact, because Israel experiences threats of destruction every day that it must invest billions of dollars into security. I would be interested to know where he got his facts from - and if he can prove the existence of any "official documents" explaining Israeli policy that he mentioned.

Hugh Jordan urges us to think before we rush to any decision but his views indicate that he has only rushed to see the situation from one perspective.

The last thing the world needs is a terrorist organization in charge of an entire population, accessing weapons freely, as the flotilla Mava Maramara would have provided. Only then would we appreciate the blessing of a state fighting to protect its citizens against threats.


Richmond Hill, Ont.

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