KISS concert sells out in minutes

The KISS Army and legions of other fans scooped up all available tickets Friday for a June 26 Interior Savings Centre concert.

Within minutes of going on sale, all remaining tickets after a Thursday pre-sale were sold out, said Bill Jaswal of Jelly Events.

"We still kept more than half available for today and that was gone in minutes," he said. "People had to buy allotments in single seats."

Tickets for a Dawson Creek KISS concert sold out just as quickly.

Jaswal, who books talent for the City, has never seen anything like it in Kamloops. He figures there is a loyal following of KISS fans - dubbed the KISS army - in Western Canada that's driving demand for the tour of smaller-centre venues.

"The band has young kids to the young-at-heart kids that are very loyal."

On top of that, there has never been a concert with a price scale as high as that of KISS, not even the heavily marketed and elaborate productions of Cirque du Soleil. Prices range from $125 a seat up to the premium forward seats at $175 a pop.

"This is groundbreaking for Kamloops because we've never had a concert with that ticket scaling.

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