Man faces charges after caught with jammer and handgun in vehicle

A 30-year-old Surrey man will face charges in Kamloops after being found with a radio jammer and a Beretta semi-automatic pistol during a traffic stop on Highway 5 near McLure, RCMP said in a press release.

The vehicle was pulled over Monday for speeding, but officers became suspicious and searched the vehicle for drugs with the help of a police dog.

They found a radio jamming device in the centre console and a handgun near the gas pedal with an unloaded magazine. There was also a small amount of marijuana.

The driver will appear in Kamloops court on April 23.

Radio jammers are unlicensed transmitters set to around the same frequency as GPS signals and cellphone signals, police said. They're designed to transmit random signals with sufficient power to overwhelm and disrupt GPS trackers and cellphones.

They often go beyond the targeted frequencies and end up shutting down communications for emergency services, wi-fi networks and wireless devices.

The importation, manufacturing, distribution, offering for sale, sale, possession and use of jamming devices in Canada are prohibited under the Radiocommunication Act.

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