Man uses Facebook to line up sex with 13-year-old

Sentence: 14 days in jail, year probation, 10 years on sex offender registry

A 20-year-old who used Facebook to lure a 13-year-old girl for sex was later tricked into meeting the girl and a friend at McDonald Park, where they laid a beating on him.

The bizarre tale emerged Tuesday in provincial court during a sentence hearing for Alexander Kennedy, who pleaded guilty to touching a person under 16 for a sexual purpose.

Prosecutor Bernie Caffaro related events that began in May last year, when Kennedy and the victim, who cannot be named due to a court order, "friended" through Facebook.

A review of chat logs by police found they each identified themselves by their correct ages: he was 20 and she was 13.

They met at a park on the North Shore, where she later reported that he raped her.

The allegations first surfaced when the girl's mother took her to a public health office a few days later to be pregnancy tested.

She eventually told police that she protested as Kennedy was on top of her and undressed her, but eventually "'just took it.'"

The girl had been sexually abused in past and had psychological issues with low self-esteem, Caffaro said.

Police arrested Kennedy on June 14, where he gave a different report of events and also related an assault the girl and her friend gave him later.

Caffaro said Kennedy admitted knowing the girl was 13 and meeting on Facebook. But he said she initiated sex with him. After the hook-up was over, he said they parted ways and decided to keep the meeting secret.

But days later, Kennedy said he was lured by the girl, posing as someone else, to McDonald Park. It was there the girl and a friend held the small man, punching him in the face and body.

He gave a statement to police that the girl told him "this never happened" as he was struck repeatedly. He also said the girl's friend later tried to extort him for money.

Caffaro said story of the beating came out later and wasn't fully investigated and reported by RCMP to the Crown office. While Crown prosecutors "rejected" Kennedy's version of events, Caffaro said police didn't adequately secure computer logs, nor did they request information from Facebook.

But judge Chris Cleaveley said the luring by the girls and their later purported assault were not central to his decision.

"Too much is being made of this subsequent meeting," the judge said. "This is a case with a 20-year-old having sex with a 13-year-old."

Cleaveley agreed with a joint-sentence submission by Caffaro and defence lawyer Jeremy Jensen.

Kennedy will serve 14 days in jail, on weekends, in addition to one-year probation. He will also be included on the sex offender registry for 10 years.

The sentence order also includes a provision that Kennedy not have interaction on social media with any girl under 16.

Jensen said Kennedy, now 21, works full time through two jobs. He is a NorKam graduate who hopes to work in the gaming industry.

"He realized it was a terrible mistake. He's incredibly remorseful," said Jensen. "He's going to have a serious record. It's going to affect what he does professionally."

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